PDC Finance


A walkthrough of terms & abbreviations used here...
  • PDC - Post-dated crypto payments (powered by decentralized Gelato keeper bots)
  • PDC Finance Wallet - A wallet for payments, receipts & PDC payments
  • Payer - One who makes payment
  • Receiver - One who receives payment
  • PDC maturity date - Future date of a PDC payment.
  • PDC NFT - A NFT issued by the payer to a receiver with details of the amount & maturity date (similar to a cheque)
  • PDC Finance Marketplace - The receiver can list the PDC NFT in the marketplace for potential funding
  • Borrower - PDC receiver upon listing their PDC NFT in the marketplace for financing
  • Lender - An investor buys the PDC NFT from market place & receives the payment directly from the payer for interest.