✨PDC Features

  • It has always been easy to finance blue chip companies & the remaining entities are left difficult to raise financing. PDC Finance enables borrowers to raise financing based on the PDC issuer’s creditworthiness and not based on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

  • PDC Finance decentralizes the lending marketplace.

  • Lenders & borrowers from any geographical area can register and access the marketplace.

  • For eg., an entity or a consultant might have received a PDC for DAI 100,000 payable in 60 days from XYZ ltd based in the Middle East, while XYZ ltd may not be known to an investor in the US, the Middle Eastern investor will be easy to recognize good standing of XYZ ltd and might offer to finance against PDC of XYZ ltd.

  • Enables remote employees to access funding through the PDC marketplace. For eg., for remote employees working in the Middle East is almost impossible to seek a loan from a traditional bank. As banks ask for employment details and the employer is remote, a remote employee has been slowly pushed away from the banking system. It's a moral obligation from the blockchain community to step up to support decentralized remote employees. PDC Finance provides a platform for remote employees where they can share proof of historical remote employment & can obtain finances backed by their upcoming salary. For eg., a remote employee working for AAVE can request for salary advance in the marketplace by issuing a PDC. For investors, it's a certain cash flow that AAVE doesn't default on salary payments. PDC finance marketplace securely swaps the loans.

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Get amazing things done with awesome feature one. But remember that awesome feature two and three exist too. In fact, Awesome Product is full of awesome features.

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Get amazing things done with awesome feature two. But remember that awesome feature one and three exist too. In fact, Awesome Product is full of awesome features.

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